Mountain Medicine Course

Mountain Medicine Training CourseMost of the UK Expedition and Wilderness Medicine Faculty has a background in Mountain Medicine, and like many British expedition medics most of us started climbing in the Alps before moving to the bigger mountains in Nepal. Following the same theme as our other extreme environment courses, the main thrust of the mountain medicine course is to introduce medics to the practical elements of working and providing medical cover in the mountains.

The instructors aim to familiarise the team with the fundamental skills which are essential to treat and evacuate casualties in the mountains as well as covering the common conditions encountered at altitude. Where else could we run this course but in Nepal. In order to experience winter conditions in the mountains the course will be run in the beautiful amphitheatre and ridges of Annapurna with the sacred mountain of Machapuchere as a backdrop. At this time of year the snow cover is low and the team will be able to train and experience the environment without undue exposure to high altitude.

Expedition and Wilderness Medicine is now a unique provider of medical courses in extreme environments and continues to attract fantastic staff and lecturers from around the world.  It’s advisable to put your name down now for this course as we envisage it to be a popular one!  Email Luci at

‘The faculty in Nepal will be very exciting and experienced. Can’t divulge any names yet but no one will be disappointed’. 


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