Diving and Marine Medicine Course in Oman -feedback from Dr Mark Read

For medics interested in working on a diving or kayaking expedition, how do you get relevant experience and information at a one-stop shop?

You could read lots of books about diving medicine, combine this with lots of diving and kayaking, but the question can still be asked, “How do I round off the experience and is there a course tailer-made for medics like you?”


Thankfully, the answer is now ‘yes’! The internationally-recognised medical training provider, Expedition and Wilderness Medicine, has now delivered its’ first ‘Expedition and Wilderness Medicine – Diving and Marine Medicine’ based in the Bandar Khayran area of Oman. This course, delivered by a close-knit team of highly experienced presenters, covers a range of relevant topics like expeditions and expedition diving, diving medicine, venomous and poisonous animals, boat handling and kayaking. While based at a basic camp on a secluded beach, you’ll attend morning and evening lectures and in-between dive beautiful reefs less than ten minutes away by boat. You’ll also get exposed to expedition conditions as you kayak through the breathtaking but inhospitable terrain of the Bandar Khayran, set up your own remote camp, cook dinner over the fire and sleep under the stars.

The final dive is on the amazing ‘Al Munnassir’ wreck, where you’ll be rewarded by a breathtaking array of marine life, a must for any diver travelling to Oman. For anyone considering working as a medic on a diving or kayaking expedition, this course must be included as an essential item in your kit list!

The Diving & Marine Medicine training course takes place each October contact Expedition and Wilderness Medicine for more detials

About the author;  Mark Read is a wildlife biologist who specialises in things that bite and have the potential to kill you. One of Australia’s most respected crocodile biologists, Mark has spent 15 years working with these animals in Australia, Papua New Guinea and South Africa.

He also has extensive knowledge and experience with snakes, and terrestrial and marine venomous and poisonous vertebrates and invertebrates. He has experience leading expeditions and research teams in remote locations; counting, catching and researching crocodiles and marine turtles and trying to learn more about these miss-understood animals.


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