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We have a few places left on our Desert Medicine Course in Namibia from 19-25  April.  This course was run for the first time last year and proved a fantastic success.  Run by Drs Sean Hudson and Sundeep Dhillon plus a knowledgeable local team this course is ideal for those interested in working in arid or desert environments.

The tutors will develop the skills of the participants through a combination of practical sessions and evening lectures. The days will be spent in the field, learning both the essential medical skills and survival skills which will allow you to be a valuable member of a desert expedition team. Topics covered include, managing animal bites, identifying tropical diseases, heat related illnesses and managing the health of an expedition in the field, travelling in the desert by vehicle and on foot, setting up camp, cooking and lighting fires, managing casualties and evacuating them when needed. And much more. Skills without which a successful medical response is extremely difficult.

Our Desert Medicine Course is based in Damaraland, an area bounded to the south by the spectacular Namib Desert, to the east by the Kalahari, Ovamboland to the North and the world famous Skeleton Coast to the west. Overshadowed by Namibia’s highest and most impressive peak, Brandberg – which means ‘burnt mountain’ and whose Omukuruvaro name more aptly means ‘mountain of the Gods’

and whose massive bulk covers over 650 km² and with its peak Königstein at a height of 2573 m. Our training area is a natural reserve for specially adapted desert elephants and rhinos, which we hope to see during our week long stay. The top of the mountain is a large, flat area, that due to its height and inaccessibility, has been largely isolated from the surrounding countryside. This inaccessibility has created a unique ecological area, in which it is suspected, new species are yet to be found.

Sound right up your street then BOOK NOW


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