News just in…Namibia Ultra Marathon completed

We’ve just heard from the Namibia Ultra Marathon race director Steve Clark, that everyone is now back in Swakopmund. Steve said the race was very tough with temperatures getting up to 42 ºc. Winner Darren Roberts was very surprised and shocked to hear he won the race but once it sunk in he was delighted. Tom Adams very nearly caught Darren up at the finish line which made it a nail-biting finish.

Namibia 24-hr Ultra Marathon Results are as follows:

1st Place – Darren Roberts 20hr 28

2nd Place – Tom Adams 20hr 29

3rd Place – Tom Maguire 21 hr 05

4th Place – Emma Rogan 21 hr 27 – First female to complete the Namibia 24-hr Ultra Marathon

5th Place – Jerry Haywood 22 hr 30

6th Place – Nick Tidbull 23 hr 17

7th Place – Nicholas Wright 23 hr 45

8th Place – Helen Skelton 23 hr 50 – BBC Blue Peter Presenter

9th Place – Adrian Crossley, Stuart Moore, Kellie Power & Michael Skakesheff 25 hr 07. These guys all crossed the line together holding hands, they were all just outside the 24 hour deadline but all were allowed to finish.

Dr Amy Hughes will when she’s back write up about the medical situations she was faced with on the race and how people coped with the extreme heat.

Richard Gibb DNF completed 121 km

Steve Tidbull DNF completed 106 km

Francis Jones DNF completed 84 km

Alexander Bamford DNF completed 66 km

Joakim Jonsson DNF completed 66 km

David Kidd DNF completed 66 km

James Dormer DNF

Stephen Godfrey DNF

Andy McMenemy DNF

John Peck DNF

Jack Ricketts DNF

Namibia Marathon Results

Alexandra O’Donovan completed the Namibia marathon in 17 hr 15. A new course record and the first female.

So as you can see the race was tough as temperatures reached 42 ºc. Many runners felt the extreme heat was just too much with runners pulling out mainly due to heat exhaustion and heatstroke. This year’s conditions were harder than last years Namibia Ultra Marathon mainly due to the heat. All the marathon runners are now back in Swakopmund in good spirits.

Tom Maguire who finished 3rd still holds the race record of 17 hr 15.

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