Hiring Kit from Expedition and Wilderness Medicine

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If you are about to head off as a medic on expedition or a tv company off to film on location and you need advice on your medical kit or need to hire some equipment, then why not let us know and we can help you with for all your medical needs.   See our support page here.


‘I found myself in the position of accepting an invite to be an expedition doctor without having had much prior experience. Whilst I’d done a number of treks, I’d never officially been the expedition doctor and was very much ‘wet behind the ears’. Although it was too late to book onto the Expedition Medicine course, I contacted Dr Sean Hudson for advice on a number of issues and his help and input was invaluable. He always responded quickly to my email/telephone requests and went out of his way to assist me, even offering to make himself available for advice when I was away. I also felt the Expedition Medicine handbook more than any other, gave me a solid foundation of the expectations and demands of being an expedition doctor. It gave me a framework of how to plan my kit, evacuation protocols and on how to structure my days on-trek.’

‘So I finally made it back – as did the other 60 trek members – thankfully in one piece with no major dramas. Although I was kept busy, the experience was unforgettable and has certainly whetted my appetite for more.

Many thanks again to the Expedition Medicine team, and to Sean for his generous support, for helping to give me the confidence to make this possible. ‘

Dr Mike Steven