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Expedition and Wilderness Medicine Book Cover

Expedition and Wilderness Medicine handbook

Visit the Expedition and Medicine website now and you will be able to purchased one most of the most comprehensively written handbooks compiled specifically with medical professionals in mind.

Available as a down-loadable PDF for £15 where no trees were harmed in its production or as hard copy for £18 including post and packaging– this A5 size booked by Drs, Sean Hudson and Caroline Knox, featuring the expedition photography of Mark Hannaford and written with the support of Across the Divide Expeditions is sure to be an instant best sellers … well at least in the circles we move in!


About the authors

Dr Sean Hudson MSc MBBS is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and on the expeditionary advisory board for Summit. Sean has been involved in a wide variety of expeditions over the last 20 years. During this time he has trekked across the Darien Gap and the Thar Desert; worked as a trekking guide and Chief Medic for Raleigh International in Namibia and Zimbabwe; a trauma medic in Columbia;

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