Training Courses

Expedition and Wilderness Medicine is the leading provider of expedition and wilderness medicine courses in

Keswick – Plas y Brenin | Costa Rica | Namibia | Norway | Indian Ocean

‘Combining a superb location along with some of the best instructors in this speciality this course promises to be truly ground breaking’. Mark Hannaford FRGS, Across the Divide Expeditions.

The Expedition and Wilderness Medicine training faculty aims to prepare both medical professionals and expedition members for the rigors of providing medical care and leadership in areas far from advanced medical facilities. The courses aim to provide medics with the skills and practical knowledge to become valuable members of an expedition team.

There will be both a lecture and outdoors education program and the course members will be pushed both mentally and physically. The Expedition and Wilderness Medicine training faculty aims to present the valuable skills in a logical and progressive fashion, culminating in a day of moulage and subsequent feedback.

UK Expedition and Wilderness Medicine Course | UK

The aim of the Expedition and Wilderness Medicine course is to provide you with the skills and practical knowledge to become valuable member of an expedition or remote medicine team. Set in the Lake District and at the National Mountain Centre at Plas y Brenin, UK.

Desert Medicine Training Course | Namibia

Our Desert Medicine training course has been developed for medical professionals or advanced medics working in hot climates far from advanced medical facilities and is set our our field training centre in Namibia

Diving Medicine Training Course | Maldives

An inspirational training course for all those medical professionals responsible for clients or expedition team members in a diving or marine environment.  The course aims to introduce participants to the skills required to manage the common medical problems, which may emerge in a diving or marine environment.

Polar Medicine Training Course | Norway

The Polar Medicine training course was developed for medical professionals working in cold and at-altitude environments. It represents, we believe, one of the best presented and comprehensive winter medical skills courses in Europe. Set in Norway.

Jungle Medicine Training Course | Costa Rica

Expedition and Wilderness Medicine have developed a comprehensive course for all those medical professionals responsible for clients, patients or team members in an tropical or jungle environment.

“As expedition medicine is not just about being in a classroom being lectured at, neither are our training courses. Practical implementation and involvement are key cornerstones of all our teaching methods. Our commitment is to provide quality expedition medicine training at affordable rates, and to set the benchmark against which others will be judged”. Dr Sean Hudson.


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